The Copper Bronc Boutique was originally a hobby of mine when I threw out my back at the very beginning of COVID-19. The original name was called Bangtail Booties & Co. which is an equine term meaning, to crop the horses mane and tail. Much like I do to my boots. The boots were an idea I had back in 2016 that never became anything. Then one day, it just did. I started slowly adding more products to give my customers a variety  of choices and I wanted to showcase other talented people from my home state of Idaho. Fast forward a year, I am now a hat maker, as well as doing my custom boots and will be adding jean jackets very soon! 

Life is an absolute trip, but I'll tell you one thing that didn't take me very long to learn, you have to work to live, not live to work. Otherwise you sacrifice your own true happiness and this is YOUR life. Make it what you want. Do what you want. BE what you want. Within reason of course ;)

Live like a Buckin Bronc does when they come out of that chute. Fearless.