The Copper Bronc

Here at The Copper Bronc we create based off of your own stories. We work hard to bring your visions to life, making these hats truly unique and one of kind. No two are ever the same and we use nothing but originality. Everything you see is free handed & created with passion.

  • Bronc Babe


    Dalli is our first ever Bronc Babe. She puts the Western in Western Fashion! This gal has done everything from barrels & breakaway to mounted shooting & training. She has trained some of the best up and coming barrel racers you see today & has definitely paved her own path in the rodeo world. We welcomed her with open arms back in October 2021 & she has been killing it ever since!

  • Bronc Babe


    Miranda is nothin short of a diamond in the rough! This small town Ranch girl is one major fashionista & one of the kindest hearts to walk the earth. She works hard for her dreams & she isnโ€™t scared of much. Watch out because shes makin her way & there ainโ€™t nothin that can stop her!
    Joined in January 2022 & a big part of our Bronc Family!

  • Bronc Boss

    Carlee Sue:

    A small town girl with big big dreams. The creator, designer & artist behind The Copper Bronc. A business inspired by her Heart Horse, Flaming Zeus. Living like the Bronc she was born to be & creating one of kind branded hats in her little she-shed is the best dream she could have dreamt.

  • Bronc Photographer


    Holly was brought onto our team back when The Copper Bronc was first created. Being one of Carleeโ€™s life long friends, Holly is the exclusive photographer for The Copper Bronc, our main advisor & the calm to all the craziness! We are extremely lucky to have her & forever grateful!

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